Theatre and Media Arts

Theatre and Media Arts Overview

BYU’s theatre programs—Theatre Arts Studies, Theatre Arts Education, and Acting—invite students to explore the possibilities theatre provides for collaboration, citizenship, service, and faith-promotion. The programs emphasize the balance between practical theatre training and critical thinking. They provide extensive opportunities for production in classroom settings, workshops, and fully-mounted productions both at BYU and at external venues.

The BYU Media Arts Studies program is designed to educate students on a foundation of film history, theory, and criticism, along with fundamental production competencies. Possible areas of emphasis include critical studies, fiction production and non-fiction production.

The BFA in Music Dance Theatre (MDT) is an interdisciplinary degree offered by the College of Fine Arts and Communications through the cooperative involvement of its Department of Dance, School of Music, and Department of Theatre and Media Arts

Undergraduate Programs and Degrees

*All TMA majors with the exception of the Theatre Arts Studies BA are limited enrollment. The Media Arts Studies minor is also limited enrollment, but the Theatre Arts Studies minor is open enrollment.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I check my progress/read my progress report?

Log on to MyMap. On the student summary tab, click on My Progress Report at the top of the Tools sidebar.

How do I declare theatre arts studies or a TMA pre-major?

Submit a request through the Change Major link on the MyMap page.

What classes do you recommend for a Pre-Music Dance Theatre Student?

A list of classes that fill the University Core can be found here.  Course recommendations for pre-MDT majors can be found here.

Where can I find information about TMA Department scholarships?

Still have questions? Schedule an appointment by calling our office at 801-422-3777