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Julee Braithwaite

Admitted Majors
  • Art
    • Art (BA)
    • Art: Arts Administration (BA)
    • Art: Art & Technology (BA)
    • Art: Printmaking & Book Arts (BA)
    • Art Education K-12 (BA)
    • Art (BFA)
  • Design
    • Animation (BFA)
    • Graphic Design (BFA)
    • Illustration (BFA)
    • Interdisciplinary Design (BA)
    • Industrial Design (BFA)
    • Photo- & Lens- Based Design (BFA)
    • Product & User Experience Design (BFA)
  • Theatre and Media Arts
    • Media Arts Studies (BA)
    • Theatre Arts Education K-12 (BA)

Julee graduated with a BFA in Interior Design and a minor in English in 1986. She also studied Art History as a graduate student and participated in a semester abroad to London. From 1984 to 1988, Julee worked in the Advisement Center as a part-time student employee. She has worked as a full-time academic advisor since 1988. In 1994, she was the College of Fine Arts and Communications recipient of the Staff Excellence Award. In 2009, she became the supervisor of the Advisement Center. Julee’s involvement at the university has also included teaching an introductory course in Interior Design. In Julee’s 23 years of teaching, she found fulfillment and satisfaction in associating with students from that perspective as well as from an advising point of view. In completing her Graduate Certificate in Academic Advising from Kansas State University in 2014, Julee was once again reminded of the rigors of academic pursuits.

Julee values her association with students and has described her dedication to student advisement in the following statement: “In my work, I try to approach each day with patience, kindness, accuracy, wisdom, and insight. As an academic advisor, I recognize that I am in a position to interact with and perhaps influence many people, including office staff, faculty, university employees, administrators, and most importantly: students. In daily practice, my responsibilities are most specifically directed to students’ academic success and overall experience at BYU. Having been a student myself, I understand just how frustrating and frightening college can be at times, yet it can also be stimulating and rewarding. In my dealings with students, I honestly try to contribute to these positive attributes. If I can become a friend and advocate in the advisement center, I know students will come to see me time after time and hopefully save themselves time and heartache as they pursue their academic goals.”