Art Overview

The Department of Art is a vibrant community of artists and scholars focused on nurturing students working in a wide range of disciplines. Students develop fluency in the traditions of art and teaching while being pushed to experiment and develop strong conceptually grounded artistic voices.

The department has an open structure allowing students to move freely between disciplines while developing as artists, scholars, and teachers. Students can focus on one area of exploration or can work out an interdisciplinary program of study. Students have beautiful classrooms, labs, and studio spaces, enjoy access to our museum of art and work closely with faculty in small classes and a highly personalized and mentored environment.

Undergraduate Programs and Degrees

*All Art majors and the Art Education minor are limited enrollment. The Art minor is open enrollment.


Watch a brief introductory video for:

How to Apply

Students must have completed or be enrolled in prerequisite classes in order to apply. Students will use work from these classes for their application portfolio.

Applications are available twice a year due November 30 and March 30.

The Art BA and Art Education BA applications can be found online one month before the application deadline:

Art BFA applications can be picked up in the Art Department Office in room E-509 of the Harris Fine Arts Center.

Degree Program Coordinators/Advisors

Coordinators are appointed to counsel students in each of the three majors: BA Art Education, BA Art, BFA Art. Coordinators will advise students about program objectives, course content and sequence, career goals, and other matters pertaining to their major field of study. The current coordinators are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I check my progress/read my progress report?

Log on to MyMap. On the student summary tab, click on My Progress Report at the top of the Tools sidebar.

How do I declare my major?

Submit a request through the Change Major link on the MyMap page.

What is the difference between a BA and BFA?

A BFA is a professional degree with specialized classes for a more intensive study. A BA is a liberal arts degree with broader focus. A BFA is generally higher credit hours than a BA.

Where do I go to request a substitution or to see if my transfer classes will be accepted for my major?

Pre-major students should contact Jen Watson ( for potential transfer equivalencies or substitutions for prerequisite classes only. Other art credits can be reviewed upon acceptance to the program.

Major students should contact their program coordinator for substitution or transfer equivalency requests.

Minor students should contact Bryon Draper ( for potential transfer equivalencies or substitutions.

For General Education course substitutions visit

Does the Art Department offer scholarships?

All students, pre-majors, and accepted majors may apply for talent awards by completing the application found online at The deadline for talent award applications is December 1st of every year.

Will AP Studio Art credit fulfill the ART 101 prerequisite?

Although a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Studio Art: 2-D Design, 3-D Design, or Drawing exam will fulfill the University General Education Art requirement, pre-art majors must still take Art 101. AP credit will be accepted for students interested in the art minor.

Can someone review my portfolio before I apply?

*Coming Soon

Still have questions? Schedule an appointment by calling our office at 801-422-3777