This is a helpful tool to plan your academic career. View the courses you have completed, determine what you still need to complete, and organize future courses.


Use this blank semester-by-semester document to create a graduation plan.


Use this form if you wish to substitute a class completed at BYU in place of another class for your major or minor or if you have obtained a test waiver.


The syllabi directory is a central location to access syllabi that have been created or stored in the BYU Syllabus Builder or in BYU Learning Suite.

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Review frequently asked questions concerning graduation that we receive at the Advisement Center.

Find information about University Career Services.


Use this form if you have transferred from another university and have courses that may potentially fulfill a major or minor requirement at BYU.

Watch brief introductory videos for several majors at BYU.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my major?

The process for requesting a change of major can be done online. In order to request to change your major, please follow these steps

  1. Go to your MyMAP page, to the “Plan” tab.
  2. Under “Tools,” click on “Change Major Request.”
  3. Click “Request a change of major” and follow the instructions.

If the major is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), you can declare a Pre-major status showing your intention to apply for the major. Students with less than 45 BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits) do not need to meet with an advisor to have their major changed. Students must select and declare a major by the time they have 60 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits). Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted.

How do I create a graduation plan?

  1. Start with a blank semester-by-semester form
  2.  Log into MyMAP. In the Academic Programs box click on your major (linked in blue) to access a PDF of your Major Academic Plan (MAP). If you are a pre-major, you may access the MAPs at this link.
  3.  Refer to suggested sequence of courses on your MAP.
  4.  Begin placing your courses in the worksheet in pencil so that changes may be made easily.
  5.  Start with your MAJOR classes first as they may be sequential. Prerequisite information & current class schedules can be found here.
  6.  Next plan any MINOR courses if applicable. Use the link to your minor in the planning box on the Plan Courses tab of MyMAP to check requirements.
  7.  Fill in your GEs where you have space available. For information regarding GEs, visit core.byu.edu.
  8.  Add up your completed and planned credits to make sure they meet the 120 credit minimum needed to graduate from BYU.

Where can I park if I have an appointment with my academic advisor?

Most parking on campus is reserved for employee parking or students who have registered. If you are a campus visitor (non-student) you may park in visitor parking located north east of the Museum of Art or the parking lot located east of the Wilkinson Student Center. Please be sure to check parking signs.

Where is the Harris Fine Arts Center and the School of Communications Brimhall Building located?

Where is the CFAC Advisement Center located?

We are located in D-444 of the Franklin S. Harris Fine Arts Center.

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