Welcome to the College of Fine Arts and Communications!

As you embark on your journey at BYU, we believe you will find that BYU offers a rigorous, intellectually rewarding and spiritually uplifting environment in which to study the fine arts or communications. We look forward to helping you along your way and seeing your growth.

One Stop

BYU OneStop is specifically for you, the student, and it’s our goal to provide you with an experience that isSimple. Focused. Helpful. as we serve you in the areas of Financial Aid, Scholarships, Student Accounts, Admissions & Registration.

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Career & Academic Success Center

Confused about what you’d like to do after graduation? Wondering which careers are a good fit for you? Worried about getting a job? BYU’s career resources can help ensure you’re on the right path.

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New Student Orientation

The purpose of NSO is to welcome new student to the BYU community of disciple scholars, help new students become familiar with campus resources, and connect new students with other students, faculty, and campus personnel.
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Transfer Students

Transfer Guides list courses from some of our main-feeder schools that transfer to fill BYU’s general education requirements. BYU has a policy on what type of credits are accepted. Here you may learn if your college credits will transfer to BYU and what information you will need to send to transfer them.

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This is where you register for classes. It is also a tool to help you create a plan for graduation by planning, organizing, and registering for classes. MyMAP is a useful tool, but it is not your official progress report for graduation.

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Explore Degrees

The College of Fine Arts and Communications boasts a wide array of majors and areas of study, and includes six schools and departments. Nearly all of the majors housed in our college are Limited Enrollment Programs (LEP), which means they require an application or audition to declare the major.

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Class Schedule

Click here for BYU’s definitive guide to programs (majors and minors) and courses offered, as well as policies and procedures followed, during a given academic year.

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Academic Deadlines

Check here for academic deadlines like add/drop,withdraw and discontinuance. You can also see dates for holidays, Monday instruction, start and end of terms, convocation and commencement.

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General Education

The GE Office oversees and supports General Education courses at BYU. The office conducts regular assessment of GE Learning Outcomes, provides teaching support, facilitates the work of the Faculty General Education Council and associated committees and coordinates with advisors, the Registrar’s office, and other campus entities to help students make meaningful GE choices.

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BYU Learning Suite

BYU Learning Suite is a BYU-developed Learning Management System. The Learning Suite gives faculty the ability to communicate with students, share files, design courses, give online quizzes and exams, provide student feedback, submit grades and more.

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University Scholarships

We encourage all students to complete the online scholarship application, regardless of their circumstances. By completing a minimum of the first three optional sections you will be considered for all possible scholarships offered by the Financial Aid Office.

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BYU Calendar

The BYU calendar lists events happening on and off campus in categories such as arts and entertainment, athletics and recreation, conferences and camps, devotionals and forums, health and wellness, service and clubs and much more.

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University Policies

This page contains links to university policies regarding academic honesty, the honor code, adding a second major, withdrawals, appeals and the declaration of a major.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? We’ll try to answer them. Go to our Frequently Asked Questions page to explore.

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