How do my transfer credits count toward major requirements?

If you believe some of your transfer courses are equivalent to some of your major requirements, you will need to print and complete the Transfer Equivalency Form then contact the Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center (801-422-3777). The Advisement Center will direct you to the appropriate faculty member for your major.

How can I find out the status of my transfer credits?

View your Progress Report: Login to Route Y, click on School, click on MyMAP, click on Plan MyMAP, and then click on Progress Report. Your transfer or concurrent enrollment credit will be listed. If your transfer credit is not showing, contact your former school and have them send an official transcript to the Admissions Office in D-155 ASB, fax to (801) 422-0005, or have them send it to you and take it into the Admissions Office. You can email them at For any further questions contact the Transfer Evaluation Office.

Who can I talk to about possible careers for my major?

Assigned faculty members are available to students desiring an assessment of potential performance and career opportunities. Additionally, BYU Career Placement Services (2410 WSC) is an office which provides career advisement for all BYU students.

How can I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?

To schedule an appointment with an academic advisor, either call us at (801) 422-3777, or stop by our office in D-444 HFAC.

Who can I contact about what classes to take?

The College of Fine Arts and Communications Advisement Center has all the MAPS and information you need to help you plan your schedule. You may also make an appointment with an advisor who can help you plan a schedule that will include GE and major classes. We also have a pre-major advisor for students who are interested in the majors in our college but have not yet been admitted. For an appointment please call (801) 422-3777. Also available are advisors in the University Advisement Center located in 2500 Wilkinson Student Center. You may contact them by phone at (801) 422-3826 or by email at

How do I know what math or foreign language class I should take?

You’ll find placement exams with course recommendations at the following websites:


select BYU
password: cougars1
Select Language


Use your Route Y login information to begin
Sign up for class, check email
Math Department (801) 422-2061

What if my AP credit doesn’t show on my progress report?

If you have a copy of your scores, mail or deliver them to the Admissions Office in D-155 ASB, Provo, UT, 84602, or fax them to their office at (801) 422-0005. If you do not have your scores, you can have your scores sent to BYU by calling either (408) 452-1403 if you took the test in the Western United States, or (212) 713-8058 if you took the test in the Eastern United States.

How do I know if my AP or IB credit fills BYU’s University core requirements?

Check on your Progress Report by accessing Route Y, then clicking on Plan MyMAP, and then on Progress Report. Your AP or IB credit will show on the first page of University Core information, and on the last page where all your courses are listed.You can also access this information at: AP/IB Guides. Click on the year you took the exam. Find the test you took, the score you received, and then you can see if it fulfilled a BYU Core requirement.

I have a hold for first-year writing. What do I need to do?


Will my second major or minor show on my diploma?

No, but it will be reflected on your official university transcript.

How do I apply for graduation?

To apply for graduation, click here. Once you have completed the online application please set up an appointment to meet with your advisor to finish the process.

What will be on my diploma?
  • The university’s name
  • The university seal
  • Your name as it was given to the university on your graduation application
  • The degree awarded
  • Any honors and distinctions
  • The date your degree was awarded
  • Signatures of the chairman of the Board of Trustees and of the president of the university
I missed the graduation application deadline. Can I still apply?

Though applying by the deadline will make things easier for everyone, the answer is usually yes. However, the closer it gets to graduation, the less likely we will be able to accept your application past the deadline. Please contact us as soon as you can.

How do I change the name on my diploma?


Will my name be on the program?

If you applied by the deadline, yes. If you are walking at a different time than you are actually graduating, your name will appear in the program when you receive your diploma.

Can I walk in a ceremony if I am not actually graduating at that time?

Students may walk one semester before or after their actual graduation date. In order to do this, you will need to set up an appointment with your academic advisor to fill out the proper paperwork.

I need to move my graduation to another date. Can I do that?

Yes, please contact our office to set up an appointment with your advisor.

Can I work on BYU campus?

On campus employment is a great way to earn money without even having to leave the campus! You can find out more about student employment by visiting their website: Students must hold an immigration status permitting the desired employment and receive the appropriate written authorization.

Can I work while talking less credit hours?


I only have 1 class left to graduate, but I’m on scholarship. Can I take less classes my last semester?


I will be moving before my housing contract ends. Can you write a letter?


Where do I go to pay tuition?

Tuition can be paid online at OneStop; Click the Checklist tab, then click Beginning of Semester. There you can pay tuition. Tuition can also be paid at the Financial Office in D-155 ASB.

How do I apply for my program?


What if my Route Y Net ID or password doesn’t work?

You can call the Registration Office at (801) 422-2631 or the Office of Information Technology at (801) 422-4000 and they can reset your password for you.

Is there a web page for new students?

Yes! New students should check out the Office of First Year Experience website:

Where can I find application/audition information for Limited Enrollment programs?

Check out each department’s website for application/audition information and deadlines. You may also call or stop by the departmental offices for further information.

What is a Limited Enrollment program (LEP)?

Enrollment in most degree programs in the College of Fine Arts and Communications is limited by the availability of resources such as facilities, equipment, and faculty. Students are required to follow a specific application process designed to assess individual ability, preparation, and potential. This process also helps each student evaluate the level of accomplishment they might expect to experience in the major and, after graduation, in the profession itself.

How do I change my major?

In order to change your major, you must contact the Advisement Center of the major you would like to change to. If the major is a Limited Enrollment Program (LEP), you can declare a Pre-major status showing your intention to apply for the major.Once a student has 75 earned BYU credit hours (excluding language exam credits), they will not be allowed to change their major, unless special permission is granted.

How do I declare a minor?

To declare a minor, contact the Advisement Center of the minor you wish to add. Some minors may require an application process. To declare a minor in the Fine Arts and Communications, please stop by our office in D-444 HFAC to fill out a minor clearance form.

What resources are available to help me choose a major?


Advisors in the University Advisement Center are available to help students choose majors and careers. They are located in 2500 Wilkinson Student Center, or they can be contacted at (801) 422-3826. You may also email them at


Career Interest Inventories are available that can match your interests with career professionals in the work place. After taking an inventory, you meet with an advisor to review your results and discuss major and career options. A small fee is charged for these tests. Also, DISCOVER is a free online comprehensive computer program that can help you explore your interests and career options. Call (801) 422-2689 or email to request a user ID and instructions.


Student Development 117, Career Exploration, is a two-credit course taught by advisors to help you explore major and career options.

Where can I find what times classes will be offered next semester?


Where can I view course prerequisites?


I forgot to register for a class. What can I do?


What is a flag?


How do I get flagged for a class?

For most classes within our college that need to be flagged, you just need to contact our office. If you have completed all of the pre-requisites we will process your request and get the flag put on for you. Once the flag has been put on (usually within 24 hours of your request), you should be able to register.

What should I do if a class I need is full?

If a class you wish to take is full, you may “waitlist” the course. For more information about the Waitlist go to: If by the first week of class you still haven’t found an opening, you may contact the professor to see if they would be willing to add you to their class. If the professor agrees, you must obtain a permission-to-add code and enter it in on your registration page. This is up to the professor and/or department, so a permission-to-add code is not guaranteed.

How do I know what classes to register for?

A list of classes that fill the University Core can be found at:
Courses required for majors can be found at:

How many classes should I register for?


Full-time status is 12 credits
International students must take at least 12 credits
Most students take 14-16 credits


Full-time status is 6 credits
International Students must take at least 6 credits
Most students take between 5 and 7 credits

How do I register for classes?

Classes may be added using MyMAP by following these steps:
Log into Route Y using your Net ID and password.
Select the School tab and click the MyMAP link.
Click the Register tab.
Find the semester/term you wish to add classes for and click the Add Classes button.
Select the teaching area and course you wish to add.
Select the section you wish to add. Choose an available section that fits your schedule. Available sections have an “A” in the left column. Full classes are denoted by a dash (-). If the section you want to add is already full, you may Waitlist the course. Pay attention to prerequisite classes and recommendations at the top of the page. Also pay attention to the Notes column for specific instructions for individual sections.

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